More and more Arab females are starting to enter the blockchain ecosystem, and are being recognized for their Blockchain projects. This month both in Oman as well as Saudi Arabia, young women developed blockchain projects that will add value to their economies and societies. 

Oman in its efforts to support SMEs (Small Medium Sized), has accepted and will be funding a project developed by Egyptian engineer Mirna Mohamed. The blockchain enabled project looks to oversee the value added tax system that is being utilized in the Oman today.

In an interview Mirna Mohamed states, “My father is a credit manager and for him this was an important topic so he assisted me in developing an accounting budget system using latest technologies which included new value added tax system in Oman. I chose Blockchain because it is one of the best technologies that allow the Oman government to review and oversee the accounting procedures of different companies including their VAT disclosures.”

One of the challenges Mirna faced was the lack of understanding about Blockchain technology in the Arab world which is still not clear to many. She notes that even in Oman there is currently only one blockchain system and it is still being developed.

Oman’s Ministry of Higher Education Research and Innovation accepted Mirna’s Blockchain VAT accounting platform and will be funding its implementation.

As she notes in the interview, “Blockchain is the future.”  She calls on youth her age to learn about blockchain, how to code and utilize it because that will give them a place in the new world. Blockchain is still new in the Arab world and there are still so many opportunities out there.

In another Arab country close by, Saudi Arabia’s Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University under the auspices of the Ministry of Education acknowledged the winners of the National Women’s She Codes 2022 where a blockchain project called BidChain won third place.

BidChain, is a bidding platform utilizing blockchain technology that was developed by the female students at KSA’s King Faisal University.

Among the other projects that were recognized was an edutainment application designed to teach children the principles of saving and investment using artificial intelligence, as well as Early Detection of Metastatic Breast Cancer in Lymph Nodes using Artificial Intelligence.” 

More and more we are seeing Arab females becoming more involved in the tech sector and specifically in Blockchain. This is a positive reflection of the role women can play in the future of Web 3.