Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA), with the commencement of its Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Phase, has announced Regulatory Guidelines on Marketing, Advertising and Promotions of VA across the Emirate of Dubai.

The new VARA regulations specifically address marketing and communications activities, ahead of operationalizing the MVP licensees so that any mass-market information dissemination and consumer solicitation are designed to safeguard community interests.

Regulations on Marketing, Advertising and Promotions of Virtual Assets cover all forms of outreach, communications and advertising, including publication of information, awareness building, customer engagement, and/or investor solicitation.

VARA rules extend to VA related communications by any entity leveraging Dubai-based media sites, search platforms, and online or off-line publishing channels that explicitly target customers within the Dubai market, establishing guardrails on permissible audience segments, in addition to content obligations.

Equally all content dissemination channels operating from Dubai are obligated to act responsibly, and ensure compliance with prevailing Guidance as it pertains to VA communications facilitated via their platforms.

VARA guidelines further detail the obligations of Dubai licensed VASPs and any advertising platforms that are positioning VA content across traditional and new-age media channels for the Dubai market, to ensure factual accuracy, explicitly demonstrate any promotional intent, and in no way mislead on the guaranteed nature of their returns.

The principles are supplemented by rigid enforcement standards and penalties for non-compliance that collectively provide market confidence ahead of MVP operations, as it augments marketing, data protection and consumer protection laws that have been well embedded across the UAE.


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