UAE luxury brand Kelvin Haus launches with a unique collection that utilizes NFTs to offer consumers a sustainable future for fashion.

Founder Hammad Anwar shares, “Our journey starts here, in the heart of the UAE, where each garment reflects our commitment to supporting the local community while championing eco-conscious fashion.” Aligned with Vision 2050, Kelvin Haus ethically sources sustainable raw materials and expertly crafts them in the Kelvin Haus Atelier, a symbol of luxury and exclusivity.”

In its first product release dubbed “The Street Tee.. Dubai edition” of just 971 pieces, they are introducing Blockchain ownership and NFTs (non- fungible tokens) to deliver authenticity and interactive engagement with every garment. The NFTs will also offer customers unique experiences and benefits, showcasing Kelvin Haus’s commitment to leading in fashion technology.

Collaborating with local artists, Kelvin Haus has curated a limited edition design that authentically captures the vibrant essence of Dubai. The brand’s unwavering commitment to inclusivity is evident in its exhaustive efforts to cater to all body sizes, offering a diverse range of fits tailored to suit every unique body type.

Sustainability is the cornerstone of Kelvin Haus. With the fashion industry generating 1.92 million tons of textile waste annually, the brand champions the use of recycled fibres, adhering to the highest ecological standards such as OEKO-TEX® and GOTS. Kelvin Haus pioneers the circular fashion economy with sustainability embedded in every operation.