Oman Ministry of Transport, Communications, and IT in partnership with Green Data City (GDC) the next generation data blockchain ecosystem, have launched the first licensed sustainable crypto mining datacenter in Oman, and the GCC.  The delegation witnessed the first Bitcoin officially mined in Oman using immersive cooling technology which will reduce electricity consumption.

The crypto mining datacenter is based in Mirbat  Salalah Oman because of its cooler climate. Under this license, industrial mining companies can now register directly with GDC Mining and operate within the development.

H.E. Said bin Hamoud al Maawali, Minister of Transport, Communications and Information Technology, inaugurated the Sultanate of Oman’s first crypto mining data center, set up by Green Data City. Al Maawali was joined by Dr. Ali bin Amer al Shidhani, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology for Communication and Information Technology, Shaikh Suhail bin Mohammed al Khathiri, Deputy Wali of Mirbat, Talal al Aufi, CEO of OQ, and Olivier Ohnheiser, CEO, Green Data City.

Bitmain, Bitfield, BBGS and Enegix representative were present as well.

Green Data City will develop in two phases. The first phase of development consists of 200MW of mining capacity; the second phase will reach 400MW hyperscale data center capacity, and develop downstream activities including renewable energy, hydrogen, sea-water A/C (SWAC), desalination, food industries and cosmetics. Real estate and hospitality investments will join the development of the new hub, and create the next generation sustainable hyperscale data eco-system in the region.

Large scale mining companies and data center owners can now register directly under the GDC license and operate in the development. The capacities will be allocated in the coming weeks. Al Maawali stated, “The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology seeks to build cooperative partnerships with leading local and international private sector entities in the various types of digital technologies, as the Ministry works to attract foreign investments in this ever-developing industry.”

Olivier Ohnheiser, CEO of Green Data City, added “The south of Oman is strategically positioned  on the network routes and has unique advantages to establish successful and sustainable hyper scale data centers, such as stable economy, large surplus electricity, cool weather in the Salalah region, unique access to cold deep ocean water next to the shore, and high renewable energy.”

On the website, H.E. Ali Shidhani,  Undersecretary for Communications and Information Technology, Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology “The Green Data City project has the potential to strengthen the Country’s position on the Data Processing and Blockchain markets, while creating qualified jobs and developing unique green data centers”

Olivier Ohnheiser CEO, Green Data City states on the website,“ Oman is a haven of peace, and the South is a hidden gem. Its natural advantages eclipse other locations in the region like Dubai or NEOM city, in terms of political stability and neutrality, temperate climate, cold water availability and natural wonders. The country is supporting Data and Deep Ocean industries with large and stable power supplies, backed by long term agreements. We could not have hoped for a better environment to implement this vision.”

This comes after Oman’s sovereign wealth fund took an equity stake investing $350 million in US firm Crusoe Energy which uses flared and stranded natural gas to mine crypto. Crusoe was supposedly opening an office in Oman after the investment to deply generators and mining equipment for capturing gas at well sites.

The region has become a hot bed for crypto mining, with UAE making advancements in this area. But as one notes from the comments of CEO of Green Data City, it also seems NEOM city in KSA are working on something similar.


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