Oman Sohar port Free zone, signed a deal with Green Data City to develop a multimillion dollar data computing center which will include data mining. The data mining centers would allow for AI and Blockchain data mining as well as crypto.

The Data Computing Center in SOHAR Free zone will be used for hosting, processing, and data mining, solidifying their position as a key player in the digital economy, fostering technological innovation and economic growth.

The land lease agreement, signed with encryption mining company Green Data City (FZC) LLC, covers the development of a 45,000-square-metre site that will house 20,000 servers from leading manufacturers, according to a statement on Monday.

With a total investment of $210 million, the data computing center is considered a vital facility for companies, providing the necessary infrastructure for storing, processing and mining data.

Commenting on this agreement, Mr. Olivier OHNHEISER, CEO of Green Data City stated: “Collaborating with SOHAR Free zone is a strategic move for Green Data City. Our infrastructure not only transforms SOHAR into a global hub for innovation but strategically reinforces our geographical diversification, adding significant value to our business footprint. This agreement reflects our commitment to pioneering solutions and ensures mutual success in the dynamic digital landscape.”

Omar bin Mahmood Al Mahrizi, CEO of SOHAR Freezone, DCEO SOHAR Port said, “Our agreement with Green Data City represents a step forward for SOHAR in the digital realm. While emphasizing our commitment to technological innovation, this agreement contributes to our broader goal of supporting Oman`s economic diversification and sustainable development, placing us as a participant in the nation`s digital future.”

In December 2022, Oman Ministry of Transport, Communications, and IT in partnership with Green Data City (GDC) the next generation data blockchain ecosystem, launched the first licensed sustainable crypto mining datacenter in Oman, and the GCC.  The delegation witnessed the first Bitcoin officially mined in Oman using immersive cooling technology which will reduce electricity consumption.

Since then several crypto mining entities have signed agreements with Green Data City to launch crypto and Blockchain mining data centers.