As per a news article, The Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange is preparing for Phoenix Group, a datacenter crypto mining company, upcoming IPO schedule to start on November 16th 2023 for two days, where the company will float $370 million worth of stocks equivalent to 17.64 per cent of it stock.

Phoenix Group is set to offer each share at the price of 0.41 cents (1.5 AED).  Retail investors are required to invest a minimum of $1360 (AED5,000) to participate in the IPO, which allocates 6.67% (or 60.48 million shares) to them. Analysts view Phoenix as offering local investors their first experience with growth opportunities centered on cryptocurrency.

Recently, International Holding Company (IHC) of UAE purchased a 10% stake in Phoenix Group. The company manages the ‘Citadel Project’, which is the largest crypto-mining facility in Abu Dhabi. Most recently Phoenix Group partnered with M2 to offer crypto yield product.

“The Phoenix IPO represents the first opportunity for investors to gain exposure to the crypto and blockchain  through a professionally managed and licensed entity,” said Sameer Lakhani, Managing Director at Global Capital Partners. “It signals to investors the role that ADX and the UAE are carving out in this space as a result of their superior regulatory rules in the crypto domain.

In an interview with Entrepreneur magazine, .Munaf Ali, co-founder and Managing Director of Phoenix Group stated, “I aim to create an organization that consistently delivers unprecedented returns to our stakeholders, shareholders, investors, and the dedicated team that has been our backbone throughout our journey. By striving for excellence and innovation, we will position Phoenix as a frontrunner in the market, gaining recognition and respect on a global scale.

Phoenix Group invested in a 250 MW data mining facility in Abu Dhabi, as well as expanded to Oman with a 150 MW facility with Green Data City.

As for sales, they remained robust in 2023, reflecting Phoenix’s agility and commitment to market expansion,” the company notes. Its trading operations fetched $161 million in 2021, and last year, that shot up to $715 million, helped by arrangements with the likes of Bitmain and MicroBT.

The GCC region has become a very attractive location for crypto mining firms.


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