Qatar based Blockchain solutions provider Genesis Technologies unveiled two innovative software as a service offerings during their participation at the Web Summit in Qatar in February 2024.

The first offering, Imdaat is a decentralized digital signature system powered by blockchain technology. Imdaat is specifically designed to streamline the process of document signing and attestation, providing a secure and efficient solution for businesses.

The second offering Sheel is a distributed file management system that leverages blockchain technology to enhance the security and privacy of critical documents. Sheel offers a robust platform for managing sensitive information with confidence.

According to Mazen El Masri, CEO of Genesis Technologies, both products harness the power of blockchain to offer cutting-edge solutions in their respective domains.

El Masri added, “The Genesis Technologies LLC team exhibited imdaat and sheel to prospects, discussed industry pain points with experts in the field, and established valuable connections. As young startup, we need platforms such as the Web Summit to share knowledge and build relevant partnerships.”

These two new products were announced after Genesis Technologies partnered with BRI Middle East for the launch of a Blockchain Data Storage System in Qatar. The system backed up databases in a distributed way, which increased security, availability and readiness to data, and secured continuous connectivity without downtime.

In 2022, Genesis launched its first product Maxya, a blockchain that requires miners to solve complex logistics problems and produce business-usable data, unlike other proof-of-work blockchains that require solving complex computational puzzles with no usefulness beyond securing the network.

Mazen El Masri described Maxya’s consensus mechanism as Proof of Useful Work, and indicated that designing blockchains this way makes them carbon negative, because they create two uses for electricity solving logistics problems and validating transactions.


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