The Russian news state agency reported that the Central Bank of Russia is ready to cooperate with UAE regulators to build a system for fast payments and settlements using digital ruble CBDC. The CBDC will be used by both individuals as well as businesses once the issue of KYC is resolved.

The comments were made by First Deputy Governor Olga Skorobogatova said at the Finopolis forum.

Skorobogatova stated, “We will work out the fast payment system and the CBDC [central banks digital currency – TASS] because the colleagues are ready with the digital ruble and we are ready. If we solve the issue of client identification, then I think we will be able to build up a normal system of payments for citizens and the business between the two our countries in a year at the least,” she said.

Moveover, the Bank of Russia continues testing the digital ruble in a limited pilot program that started in August with 13 private banks. At Finopolis, head of the Bank of Russia, Elvira Nabiullina said the pilot is on track and will expand next year to more users. 

As for the UAE, it is also piloting its CBDC project working with Blockchain tech players such as R3.