KSA NuqtahNFT marketplace  has partnered with Consensys, an Ethereum blockchain company.

The agreement aims to transfer the knowledge and expertise of Consensys to empower Web 3 startups in Saudi Arabia in line with Nuqtah’s goal of accelerating Web 3 adoption, and in clear alignment with the Kingdom’s vision to become a hub for technology.

According to ConsenSys Partnership Lead Ian Wallis: “With Nuqtah’s existing Infura and Ethereum infrastructure, the potential in the Saudi market is huge and we are very excited to be launching this strategic partnership with NuqtahNFT, Saudi’s leading NFT marketplace to provide even more functionality and empowerment of creatives in the MENA region.”

Salwa Radawi, CEO of Nuqtah, commented: “Our mission is to spearhead the adoption of Web 3 in MENA, by tirelessly developing and enabling a complete and robust infrastructure, tailored specifically to the MENA region originators.”

Salwa also added: “This partnership is only the beginning of our opening. It not only opens a great deal of opportunities for us and fellow Web 3 startups within the industry but also ensures that we are able to transfer this knowledge and localize it for the region.”

Last week Nuqtah NFT Marketplace announced it would be raising 5 million USD in seed capital.


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