Saudi Arabian Web3 Role-playing Gaming platform AstraNova incubated by The Hashgraph Association has raised $1 million in investment from lead investors that include , Oxbull, MoonEdge, Vision, Kanga, Spicy Capital, Equinox, BTS Labs, Sensei Capital and various MENA Investors from KSA, Dubai & Oman. The Hashgraph Association has provided a $100,000 grant to AstraNova through its innovation program designed to promote the development on the Hedera platform.

Co-Founder and CEO of Astra Nova, Fiazy Ahmed noted, “We are dedicated to forging an extraordinary IP and championing the gaming community of our region, in harmony with Saudi’s Vision 2030. Astra Nova is committed to emboldening Saudi gamers, catalyzing innovation, and propelling the Kingdom’s entertainment industry onto the world stage.”

AstraNova is built on the Hedera DLT platform as well as Unreal Engine 5. Incubated by both The Hashgraph Association and Gotbit, it is eyeing to position itself as the flagship game in the GCC region.

AstraNova has partnered with leading entities including the HBAR Foundation,, FunToken, BTS Global, Nvidia, Microsoft Founder’s Hub, Wemix, Immutable, Aethir, Portal Coin, Blade Wallet, Kairon Labs, Tillo, and Polygon DAO.

The Astra Nova team consists of several gaming and crypto veterans with notable experience in game development, award-winning creatives, and leaders in brand marketing from companies like Ubisoft, Technicolor, Rockstar, Netflix, Hedera, and more.

Advisors from Binance, Hedera, Venture Capitals, and other prominent web3 firms support the project.

The prototype demo will be available for desktop, already accessible on the Steam Store for wishlisting, and primed for further distribution across platforms like the Epic Games Store. Their roadmap includes expansions onto consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox, while a mobile iteration is on the horizon through our strategic cloud gaming partnership with Aethir.

As per the press release AstraNova is also working on a Loyalty SocialFi Platform called ‘The Black Pass.’ a points farming platform with a competitive edge.