UAE based SEBA digital assets crypto bank has renamed itself AMINA Bank AG, which comes from the word transAMINAtion’, meaning transference of one compound to another. As per the press release, AMINA is a brand driven by perpetual change, bringing together the various ‘compounds’ of traditional, digital, and crypto banking to unlock new potential and growth for their clients

The group operates globally from its regulated hubs in Zug, Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong, offering its clients traditional and crypto banking services, and the entities will be seeking renaming in all of these operations.

SEBA Bank made history in 2019 by becoming one of the first FINMA-regulated institutions to provide crypto banking services. This rebrand marks a new chapter for the company, which has proudly been in operation for more than four years.

Franz Bergmueller, CEO of AMINA, stated, “We are delighted to introduce the world to our new brand identity. While we say goodbye to the SEBA name, we remain forever proud of the achievements made by the group under the former brand. Our brand signifies a new era in the company’s growth and strategy; we are a key player in crypto banking and are here to define the future of finance. With our client-focused approach, our years of traversing traditional and crypto finance, we offer a platform for investors to build wealth safely and under the highest regulatory standards.”

AMINA bank seeks to expand it growth in strategic hubs in Abu Dhabi, Switzerland and Hong Kong while continuing its global expansion in 2024.