Swiss based Buildrs, a blockchain, metaverse and Web3 infrastructure provider has announced that it has opened a location in the UAE and is embarking on its first project with its first customers.

Buildrs is specialized in the virtual economy, blockchain, and gamification. Buildrs mission is to accelerate the adoption of Web3. Virtual assets, digital ownership, co-creation, and transparency are at the core of the experiences we build.

The company develops a portfolio of products and use cases across various industries as real estate, hospitality, entertainment, and gaming. Buildrs empower them using the original platform, which covers all aspects of virtual assets, the virtual economy, and the Metaverse.

Viktor Andreas, Founder and CEO of Buildrs stated in a LinkedIN video, “ We are very excited to be here in Dubai and continue our journey providing Web3 infrastructure which we have started three years ago in Swtizerland. UAE has created one of the most innovative and best envionments for Web3 innovation. We are happy to announce that we are setting up our location in the UAE. We have met wonderful people, in Hub71 in Abu Dhabi, and Dubai and we believe this is one th best locations now and in the future to innovate to collaborate and create the future by leveraging Web3 technology, New project and onboarding new customers, engaged in Web3 ecosystem.. we are here to stay.”

In their LinkedIn post Buildrs states, “Our commitment to providing exceptional service and innovative solutions remains as strong as ever. Our team is working tirelessly to understand the unique needs and challenges of businesses in the UAE. We are collaborating with local partners, participating in regional events, and leveraging digital tools to ensure we are as present and active as possible.”

Prior to the move to the UAE, Buildrs had visited and participated in various events in the UAE. The company was impressed with UAE’s unwavering government support expecially initiatives like Hub71 and the crypto ecosystem in Dubai with Crypto Oasis.

The were also impressed with the favourable regulatory landscape and it is their visit that reinforced their belief in the potential of the UAE to becoming a center of Web3 innovation.