Swiss based Vonom Academic AG, which is transforming scientific publishing through blockchain technology to elevate research publication standards will be holding the Vonom Academic premier academic conference, “Proof of Green: The Future of Blockchain and Sustainability”. The conference will be held in Dubai on May 7th – 8th at the Address Downtown hotel.

The conference fosters dialogue on blockchain for sustainability, key for tackling environmental issues.

A wide range of topics will be covered , including ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), renewable energy, environmental conservation, carbon credits, and social policies. Key discussions will focus on blockchain’s impact on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), its influence on emerging industries and regions, and community involvement in sustainable blockchain solutions.

“We chose sustainability as our focus because, now more than ever, it’s crucial to change our behaviors toward the environment. Blockchain’s wide reach can amplify these efforts, making it pivotal in our mission for positive change,” says Philip Blazdell, CEO of Vonom Academic.

Featuring speaker panels, workshops, and more, “Proof of Green” offers a comprehensive exploration of blockchain’s role in shaping a sustainable future. Announcements regarding keynote and session topics will be released in the days ahead.

The conference will also unveil a glimpse of their cutting-edge blockchain-powered publishing platform. Through blockchain technology, researchers can meticulously record every step of the publication journey, from data aggregation and analysis to peer evaluation and revisions, all in an immutable and auditable fashion. This decentralized platform not only safeguards copyright entitlements and equitable compensation but also facilitates universal accessibility to published materials, thereby championing the principles of open access.

“Our blockchain-powered publishing platform heralds a new era of trust in academic research and revolutionizing the way knowledge is shared,” adds Mr. Blazdell.


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