UAE regulated Laser Digital, Nomura’s digital asset subsidiary has strategically invested in MANTRA Chain, a Layer 1 blockchain solution for Real World Assets (RWA).

In March 2024 MANTRA Chain raised $11 million led by UAE based Shorooq Partners with investors including Three-point capital, Forte Securities, VirtuZone, Hex Trust and GameFi Ventures. At the time it was noted that Mantra Chain was in the final stages of receiving licenses from Dubai’s crypto regulator, VARA.

As per the press release, “This new investment aims to accelerate MANTRA towards its goal of becoming the de-facto RWA tokenization Layer 1 blockchain for Middle East and Asian markets and marks a collaboration with Laser Digital, bringing their complementary expertise and pertinent experience of RWA tokenization to the partnership.”

Jez Mohideen, CEO of Laser Digital, stated, ” We are excited to support MANTRA’s journey as it pioneers new frontiers in RWA and digital finance.”

John Patrick Mullin, CEO and Co-Founder of MANTRA, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, “We are incredibly excited to welcome Laser Digital as a strategic partner. Laser Digital’s investment is not just financial but an endorsement of our mission to make RWA accessible and operable through blockchain technology. Laser’s expertise and network in the financial sectors will be invaluable as we expand our technological footprint.”

NEOPIN Permissioned DeFi platform based in Abu Dhabi UAE, which launched the first DeFi product for the Klaytn-Finischia ecosystem, has announced a new RWA ( Real World Assets), platform that will position the protocol to become a global leading Real World Asset (RWA) DeFi protocol. The platform will combine the rich liquidity of traditional finance with blockchain technology, creating global marketability with high levels of security and regulatory compliance.

Prior to this UAE based Finschia Foundation, which works to expand public blockchain and Web3 technologies, and NEOPIN, partnered to provide decentralized exchange services.

The key objectives of the new RWA platform include the development of a dedicated RWA platform based on the order book, the expansion of innovative RWA product offerings, and the expansion of the RWA multi-chain strategy.

NEOPIN’s RWA platform is being developed as an all-in-one platform that can meet the diverse needs of institutions, users and the industry. It will provide a more intuitive and simplified solution for institutional participants to engage with RWA technology and markets without the need for a complex review process. It will also be designed with a decentralized order book to make it easy to use for global users familiar with equity or crypto exchanges.

In terms of product offerings, RWA will continue to expand its innovative product suite, with more than five RWA products in the pipeline with institutional partners that are poised to make a significant impact in the DeFi and physical markets. In parallel, we are also working on a strategy to expand the RWA issuance chain, continuing the multi-chain strategy that has underpinned the success of NEOPIN’s DeFi on a dedicated RWA platform.

In March, NEOPIN launched the platform’s first RWA-linked DeFi product and entered the $5.7 billion global RWA market in earnest. With the success of its recently launched RWA derivative products, NEOPIN’s consolidated total value locked (TVL) has exceeded USD 200 million.

“NEOPIN’s RWA platform aims to attract global institutional partners and users and then position itself as an essential infrastructure for institutions,” said Ethan Kim, CEO of NEOPIN. “With our new platform, innovative product suite and institutional acquisition, we will grow into the top tier of global RWA within two years.”

Since 2017, NEOPIN has been building its blockchain expertise and technology by participating as a node validator operator for various global blockchains, including Ethereum, Tron, Cardano, Cosmos, Klaytn, and Finschia. Last year, the company was selected as an innovative company by the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in recognition of its regulatory compliance and expertise, becoming the first Korean blockchain company to receive direct and indirect investment, and is working with the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), a financial special zone in the UAE, to create the world’s first DeFi regulation in a public-private partnership. 

UAE ADGM Academy has backed up a partnership between Hub71 and Solana Blockchain to foster innovation for real world assets projects by offering incentives, office space, regulatory support and the UAE Golden visa.

This marks a significant step towards establishing the UAE as a hub for technological advancement and blockchain innovation. The Solana Foundation, committed to the Solana ecosystem, offers valuable resources and expertise to boost the UAE’s tech community.

Leveraging Solana’s blockchain, the partnership aims to attract talent and foster solutions for real-world challenges.

Hub71, strategically located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, is also a partner in the endeavor. Its mission to provide a nurturing environment for startups and tech companies aligns perfectly with the objectives of the Solana Foundation. This environment is conducive to creativity and innovation, providing the perfect setting for Solana RWA projects to thrive.

A critical component of this partnership is the support provided by the ADGM Academy. The Academy’s role is to provide projects with premier educational resources and regulatory advice. This support is vital for navigating the complexities of blockchain technology and its applications in real-world scenarios.

On offer is the UAE Golden Visa to Solana RWA projects. This long-term visa offers entrepreneurs stability and freedom from visa concerns, allowing them to concentrate on innovation. It’s a clear signal of the UAE’s commitment to attracting and retaining top talent in the technology sector.

UAE based Aurus, pioneers in the tokenization of precious metals, and Authic Labs, a leader in Web3 customer loyalty solutions, have partnered to utilize blockchain technology for precious metals including gold with the first Gold backed NFTs.

This partnership opens new avenues for Real World Assets (RWAs) in the realm of digital collectibles (NFTs).

This partnership seeks to harness each company’s strengths, with several initiatives already underway, including gold-backed NFTs and blockchain-powered loyalty programs. The initiative aims to offer brands the opportunity to engage their audiences with digital collectibles, backed by the real-world value of physical gold. These NFTs, redeemable both digitally and physically, introduce groundbreaking possibilities for traditional companies that have been hesitant to launch their own collections.

By linking NFTs to gold, brands can set a stable price floor for their collectibles. This approach not only protects their brand and community from potential market downturns but also introduces new dimensions of utility.

Authic Labs is implementing tGOLD as a tool for loyalty rewards on their platform. Aurus will be integrating the Authic Labs interactive DApp on its platform, enabling users to engage in a variety of functionalities. These include minting and burning tGOLD tokens into NFTs, participating in staking, governance and DeFi, among other features.

Improving the practical uses of tokenized precious metals during our combined efforts will greatly benefit AurusX (AX), the Aurus ecosystem token. AurusX tokens can be staked to claim monthly rewards in tGOLD, tSILVER, and tPLATINUM, as well as vote on ecosystem proposals. These rewards are generated from the various transactions that occur within the Aurus ecosystem, including NFT mintings. AurusX is traded on several venues.

Wouter Kloosterman, CEO of Authic Labs, expressed enthusiasm, “Our partnership with Aurus marks a new era where Web3 technology and real-world precious metals intersect. Integrating cutting-edge technology with traditional assets sets a new standard for value and utility in the digital collectables space.”

Mark Gesterkamp, CCO of Aurus, added, “We are very excited about our collaboration with Authic Labs, which promises to bolster our presence in the NFT space. Our conviction is that brand engagements will onboard the next mass wave of users to crypto. Adding the value of gold to digital collectibles will redefine its utility and improve overall user experiences.”

UBITQUITY, a blockchain and real estate technology company for Real World Assets for web3 is thrilled has partnered with BENMARG Group, a luxury real estate agency based in Dubai, UAE. This to enhance the luxury real estate market by showcasing BENMARG Group’s exquisite property listings on CryptoListing, a prominent platform for real estate transactions using cryptocurrencies as well as enabled cryptocurrency transactions for these luxury properties through UBITQUITY’s innovative UbitquityPay service.

BENMARG Group is renowned for curating an exclusive portfolio of luxury real estate offerings in Dubai and beyond. The company’s commitment to delivering exceptional properties that cater to the most discerning clientele aligns perfectly with the capabilities of CryptoListing and UbitquityPay.

CryptoListing, a bleeding-edge platform, provides a secure and transparent environment for the purchase and sale of real estate using cryptocurrencies. This collaboration will allow BENMARG Group to tap into the growing global market of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors who seek luxury properties as a store of value and investment.

UBITQUITY, LLC’s UbitquityPay service is designed to streamline cryptocurrency transactions for real estate, offering both buyers and sellers a simplified and efficient process. This service will enable BENMARG Group’s clients to seamlessly complete cryptocurrency transactions when purchasing these high-end properties.

“We are excited to collaborate with UBITQUITY, LLC, to bring our luxury real estate listings to the CryptoListing platform. This partnership allows us to cater to a tech-savvy and global audience while providing a secure and efficient way to transact in cryptocurrencies,” said George Gabriel of BENMARG Group.

“BENMARG Group’s commitment to excellence in luxury real estate aligns perfectly with our mission to bring innovation to the real estate industry. We look forward to enabling seamless cryptocurrency transactions for their prestigious properties through UbitquityPay,” said Nathan Wosnack, Founder & CEO of UBITQUITY.

Representatives from both BENMARG Group and UBITQUITY are currently at the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai, UAE.

Concurrently UBITQUITY and Women in Blockchain Canada have joined Forces to Fundraise and Forge Enterprise Partnerships as well as bring its tech innovations to MENA at Future Blockchain Summit.

Given the focus in the past months on the topic of stablecoins, and with the launch of Paypal’s stablecoin pegged to the U.S. dollar, centered around discussions on how stablecoins will fair in the future, it is very interesting to see Edelcoin’ s launch of a stablecoin, not backed by the dollar or eyuan but backed by real world assets!

Paypal in its press release for example stated, fully-backed, regulated stablecoins have the potential to transform payments in web3 and digitally native environments. Today the stablecoin market is a $120 billion according to data from TradingView yet it is expected to grow to $2.8 trillion in the next according to broker Bernstein research report released this month.

Yet stablecoins face challenges include regulatory uncertainty, technical vulnerabilities, market fluctuations, and liquidity issues. Here is how Edelcoin comes in. It is a stable payment token potentially inversely correlated to inflationary fiat currencies. According to its creators as a payment token decoupled from monetary policies and fiat currencies, Edelcoin serves as an effective hedge against inflation. Edelcoin is backed by real-world assets.

The Edelcoin payment token, issued out of Switzerland is backed by a basket of pre-existing precious and base metals. The Edelcoin basket is structured to be less volatile than single asset-backed tokens, providing a stable or low volatile store of value, detached from inflationary fiat currencies, independent from monetary policies. The Edelcoin token is issued as ERC-20 Token on Ethereum blockchain followed by additional EVM compatible chains and traded on centralized and crypto exchanges (secondary market).

Each Edelcoin has an excess reserve of backing metals, in total corresponding to 125% of the actual metals embodied by each Edelcoin. To learn more and understand this new concept of stablecoins, LaraontheBlock interviewed Edelcoin’s Founder Andreas Wiebe to learn more about the benefits of Edelcoin how stablecoins backed by dollar will falter, and their interest in expanding into the MENA region.


1. What is Edelcoin and why should a stablecoin backed by real assets be created? What are these global assets?

From my perspective, the only stablecoins that are truly stable are those backed by tangible resources like precious metals. Other underlying assets (such as other currencies, real estate, etc.) do not offer long-term security. Currently, Edelcoin is the only one globally backed by tangible resources like precious metals. Throughout history, precious metals have always been considered a form of security.

2. How does PayPal’s release of a USD-backed stablecoin contribute to the growth of the stablecoin market, and how does this fit into your plans for Edelcoin?

Anything backed by the dollar will already suffer significant losses in the upcoming year. We are already witnessing the global decline of the dollar. Now, the BRICS countries are introducing their own currencies, dealing a death blow to the dollar. The dollar has already lost its value. A 95% absolute decline! Worldwide, major countries are trying to sell off the dollar and exchange it for precious metals or other currencies.

3. What is Edelcoin linked to in terms of precious metals? Who owns it? Who stores it for you?

Edelcoin is tied to a basket of precious and industrial metals, providing absolute security. The precious metals are stored in vaults in Europe and Switzerland. These assets belong to our partners, who have collectively deposited them with us as the issuer.

4. How can Edelcoin users benefit?

First and foremost, I would recommend everyone to invest 10-20% of their fiat holdings into Edelcoin, thereby diversifying their overall portfolio. Additionally, the market anticipates a rise in precious metal prices, which will lead to a stable value appreciation of Edelcoin.

5. How is Edelcoin regulated?

Edelcoin is a Swiss company and has been accepted and reviewed as a payment stablecoin by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Swiss regulation is widely recognized as extremely secure and trustworthy worldwide.

6. Do you have plans to expand into the MENA and GCC regions, and how?

Absolutely! There is already a blueprint in multiple directions: We are working to integrate Edelcoin into the financial landscape of the MENA and GCC regions, including trading platforms, as well as invest in the economies of the entire MENA and GCC regions.

7. Where and when will Edelcoins be traded?

At launch, we already have six exchanges:, Probit, BitForex, Blocktrade, LBank, and MEXC. Edelcoin is tradable on XT from August 14.

8. How can Edelcoin be used as a form of payment, given that precious metal prices are not stable?

Precious metals, backing up each EDLC are industrial metals and looking into historical perspective, these metals show an upward trend. More information on backing metals are here:

Edelcoin is accepted as a digital currency and can be spent in businesses that accept cryptocurrencies, much like Bitcoin. Additionally, we are working on installing ATM machines in several countries, enabling easy deposit and withdrawal of fiat currencies for enhanced flexibility.

9. Can users exchange their coins for the actual precious metals they are linked to?

Of couse! On the Edelcoin website, there is a “Boutique” section  where anyone can exchange their Edelcoins for silver and gold coins – to my knowledge, no one else offers this!

10. How do you envision the future of stablecoins and crypto payments, and how can businesses, governments, and organizations benefit from them?

In my view, there will be a future return to currencies backed by precious metals. A stable currency spells success and security for any business engaged in buying and selling. Such certainty can only be provided by a currency that is 100% backed. Pension funds and trading companies dealing with resources like oil, gas, and other commodities will find a solution and use the stability of Edelcoin.

11. Any other news or updates that Edelcoin would like to share?

In the next three months, we will be installing the first ATMs in Europe and Asia. Contracts with currency exchanges have already been finalized. We are open to further partnership inquiries. Please reach us  at