UAE ADGM Academy has backed up a partnership between Hub71 and Solana Blockchain to foster innovation for real world assets projects by offering incentives, office space, regulatory support and the UAE Golden visa.

This marks a significant step towards establishing the UAE as a hub for technological advancement and blockchain innovation. The Solana Foundation, committed to the Solana ecosystem, offers valuable resources and expertise to boost the UAE’s tech community.

Leveraging Solana’s blockchain, the partnership aims to attract talent and foster solutions for real-world challenges.

Hub71, strategically located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, is also a partner in the endeavor. Its mission to provide a nurturing environment for startups and tech companies aligns perfectly with the objectives of the Solana Foundation. This environment is conducive to creativity and innovation, providing the perfect setting for Solana RWA projects to thrive.

A critical component of this partnership is the support provided by the ADGM Academy. The Academy’s role is to provide projects with premier educational resources and regulatory advice. This support is vital for navigating the complexities of blockchain technology and its applications in real-world scenarios.

On offer is the UAE Golden Visa to Solana RWA projects. This long-term visa offers entrepreneurs stability and freedom from visa concerns, allowing them to concentrate on innovation. It’s a clear signal of the UAE’s commitment to attracting and retaining top talent in the technology sector.


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