UAE headquartered, Phoenix Group PLC a provider of web3, crypto, and blockchain technologies in the region, announced financial results for the first quarter of 2024 with a Q1 net income of $66.2 million, a growth of 166% year-on-year.

As per the press release, total assets surged by 237% year-over-year, soaring to $879.3 million from $261 million. ⁠The quarter-over-quarter growth in total assets stands at 5%, while revenue experienced an 18% quarter-on-quarter increase, reaching $68.9 million.

In addition gGross profit saw a robust 82.8% quarter-on-quarter rise, amounting to $23.28 million, while tTotal comprehensive income expanded by 312% year-on-year to $102.28 million and by 33.7% quarter-on-quarter. As such the earnings per share for Q1 2024 amounted to $0.011.

We are immensely proud of the remarkable strides we have made in the first quarter of 2024,” stated Seyed Mohammad Alizadehfard, Co-Founder and Group CEO of Phoenix Group. “Our robust financial results underscore the resilience and effectiveness of our business model, as well as our dedication to delivering exceptional value to our stakeholders. As we move forward, our commitment to innovation, strategic investments, and sustainability remains strong. We are confident that these focal points will not only help us achieve our long-term objectives but will also further cement our standing as a pivotal player in the web3 domain.”

Echoing this sentiment Mr. Munaf Ali, Co-founder & Group Managing Director added “Sustainability is a core principle that underpins our operations. We are diligently focusing on optimized energy solutions and exploring new technologies to minimize the environmental footprint of our crypto mining activities. We are convinced that responsible business practices are critical for long-term success, and we remain dedicated to advancing to a more sustainable future for the industry.”

GC Exchange GCEX a licensed crypto broker in Dubai UAE announced that its GCEX’s UK entity a crypto broker has submitted its accounts for y/e 31 December 2023, reporting a turnover of £2.30 million equivalent to $2.8 million. This is a decline in volume from £4.46m ($5.58 million) the previous year.

As per the press release, this is largely attributed to the crypto winter and follows an exceptional growth year for GCEX y/e 2022. However, despite the drop in turnover for y/e 2023, the company has steadily increased revenue on a monthly basis since the beginning of 2023, a trend that has continued into the current year.

The UK entity reported a loss before tax of £387,429 but remained committed to its growth objectives, as evidenced by its ongoing development of technology solutions and the distribution of £1.80m during the year to its parent company, GCEX Holding Limited, aimed at supporting the international expansion of the GCEX Group.

Lars Holst, Founder and CEO, GCEX added, “The crypto winter had a huge impact across the industry, and GCEX was no exception. However, in response to the decline in revenue, we have been resilient and adaptive, navigating our costs effectively and diversifying revenue streams such as introducing staking services for institutional and professional clients.

“We don’t run risk and don’t do lending or borrowing and we continue to have significant excess Tier 1 capital in our UK entity. Following a successful Q1 2024, We are now back to profitability and continue to execute on our long-term plans, investing and expanding in our global business.”

Over the last financial year, GCEX Group, with headquarters in London, has broadened its product offering, enhanced its technology and strengthened partnerships with Tier 1, trusted Liquidity Providers as well as digital asset custody solutions. The Group secured two additional regulatory licenses: an investment firm in Denmark regulated by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority and a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) license in Dubai, UAE regulated by VARA.

GCEX Group enables institutional and professional clients to access deep liquidity in FX and CFDs on digital assets, as well as digital assets spot trading and conversion, and offers a broad range of Forex brokerage and crypto-native technology solutions – XplorDigital.