Global Blockchain Show is heading to the Granf Hyatt Dubai UAE in April. The event aims to bring all the notable leaders from the Web3 sphere under one roof. It has benefits in various aspects pertaining to those who participate and those who take the stage.

The Global Blockchain Show will happen on 16-17 April 2024. At the core lies the idea of fueling interactions about insights and the future of Web3. Besides, the event is posed to give people a chance to expand their networks, participate in leadership sessions, engage in learning sessions, and showcase their projects.

Participants are likely to come from diverse backgrounds in corporate, investment, startup, and government, to mention a few. Most of the speakers hail from the background of executive positions. This includes Lennix Lai, the Chief Commercial Officer at OKX; Zara Zamani, the Co-Founder of Neoki; and Uldis Teraudkains, the Chief Executive Officer of Nexpay, among others.

David Palmer, the Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder of Digital Asset Broker (DAB) Platform by Vodafone, has said he looks forward to attending the Global Blockchain Show. David has further stated that the event comes at a time when the latest technologies like AI, Fintech, and Web3 are evolving.

Dubai has been chosen as the venue for the Global Blockchain Show as the region ideally provides a secure environment for discussions around blockchains. Also, the government has been vocally supportive of innovation with its regulations and policies. Dubai has emerged as a central global hub for blockchain activities, also housing world-class conference venues plus facilities for international events.

Curated by VAP Group, the Global Blockchain Show is backed by media partners such as, Emirati Times, Britain Herald, Bitcoin World and others. VAP Group is a blockchain consultancy firm that specializes in assisting the industry with its core ethics of commitment to excellence and corporate transparency. Vishal Parmar, the CEO of VAP Group, has said that they are excited to host all the participants and speakers at the Global Blockchain Show in Dubai. Vishal has said that the event marks a point where traditional technology and upcoming modern innovation intersect for the betterment of everyone’s future.

More than 7,000 participants are expected to be present in Grand Hyatt Dubai for the event. Over 300 speakers could take the stage, delivering keynotes that trigger productive discussions around industry insights. The Global Blockchain Show has all plans in the pipeline to extend access to lunch and drinks during the networking session. Representatives from 3,000+ companies are expected to market their presence.

Overall, the Global Blockchain Show comes packed with a set of benefits for individuals and organizations. Each gets access to valuable insights, networking opportunities, and a chance to build partnerships along with exploring career opportunities in blockchain.