Tokinvest marketplace for real-world asset tokenization, has been granted a provisional broker-dealer license by Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA).

As per the press release this license underscores Tokinvest’s commitment to compliance and innovation in the real-world asset tokenization industry.

The company will continue to build its scalable and regulated platform that simplifies buying, selling, and managing real-world asset investments. It offers comprehensive services that cover every aspect of the digital token lifecycle, from ideation to trading to asset servicing.

Scott Thiel, CEO of Tokinvest, says, “Obtaining regulated status in the region is crucial for us. It shows our dedication to complying with international standards and establishing robust, transparent processes prioritizing investor protection. Receiving the provisional broker-dealer license from VARA is a significant validation of our mission to create the leading regulated marketplace that connects real-world asset issuers with investors on a global scale. This provisional license sets us on the path to serving our clients with the highest standards of regulatory assurance.”

Tokinvest advisory board includes Ralf Glabischnig Founder of Inacta Ventures, and founder of UAE based Crypto Oasis and Swiss based Crypto Valley. 

He says: “Tokinvest is leading the charge in real-world asset tokenization with a first focus on Middle East. I’m excited to offer my expertise to support their ambitious goals and connect it with our other securitization and tokenization portfolio companies in Europe and beyond.”