UAE ADGM (Abu Dhabi Global Market) has granted Klickl, a virtual asset service provider with offices in Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi, an in principle Approval license to operate as a digital asset broker and custodian.

Michael Zhao, Co-Founder and CEO at Klickl said “The regulated route is the only route for any crypto company’s growth if it wants to be a serious player for the long run.  Long gone are the days where digital asset players enjoy early-mover advantage benefiting from fast growing bull market. Recent crypto market turbulence and big selloff caused by greed-led FOMO driven sentiment is just another example to show why the market needs proper risk control and compliance.”

Formerly known as IDCM, the digital asset exchange group recently rebranded to Klickl representing the sound coins make when clicking in harmony and prosperity.

Klickl aims to deliver that All-in One crypto super app which serves all crypto needs in the ever-evolving digital era.

ADGM has approved license for more than seven virtual asset exchanges to operate in the UAE. The names include Binance, Kraken, as international players, and BitOasis, Midchains, Matrix and others as local ones.

The UAE has become a blockchain and crypto hub and one of the leading regulated environments across the globe. This has attracted crypto entities that were previously headquartered in Hong Kong and Singapore among others.