Al Nawwar Investments RSC a Private Limited Company established in 2018 in Abu Dhabi, UAE, will be purchasing the remaining interest of Alameda research in Sequoia Capital venture capital firm, totaling $45 million.

Al Nawwar is an Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund according to a court document has entered into an agreement to execute a sale transaction within a short period of time. Al Nawwar according to the court document is already invested as well in Sequoia.

The deal, worth $45 million, has the potential to be closed by March 31. However, it is subject to approval by the Delaware bankruptcy judge John Dorsey. The attempt to sell off its remaining interest in Sequoia Capital is a part of FTX’s attempts to liquidate its investments to pay off its debt to creditors.

This is not the first time a sovereign Fund in Abu Dhabi purchases crypto related entities. Prior to this ADQ entered into an agreement to build a crypto mining entities in UAE. In an SEC Filing dated January 27th 2022, USA based Marathon digital Holdings, a digital asset mining entity, announced that it had entered into a shareholder’s agreement with FSI ( FS Innovation), the BTC mining subsidiary of UAE ADQ a sovereign fund,  to form an Abu Dhabi, ( ADGM (Abu Dhabi Global Markets) based company.


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