UAE based data and location-driven marketing services company, MEmob which utilizes blockchain technology to offer advanced and effective advertising services, is now accepting crypto payments

As per their announcement, MEmob is assisting entrepreneurs, crypto investors, agencies, and brands as well as decentralized apps (DAPPs), data oracles, blockchain firms, and crypto exchanges by offering them the opportunity to pay in cryptocurrencies. Ihab El Yaman, CEO of MEmob stated, “By backing blockchain technology, embracing it, and accepting cryptocurrencies as payments, we are saying that we believe in this long-term.”

MEmob was one of the first tech companies in MENA to integrate blockchain technology into its operations; MEmob is presently well positioned to enhance digital marketing activations & performance and has strict control over data flow and GDPR adherence. MEmob is trusted by top brands to harness their data for growth and ROI maximization.

Ihab El Yaman added, “I believe, Blockchain, with all its implementations, mistakes, and corrections, will become available to every user with access. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will surely evolve and power the new internet. As we’ve seen with the internet and its use cases over the last 14 years of innovation, this new technology – blockchain too will evolve, possibly over the next ten years. But I am positive that in the near future, hospitals, governments, and financial systems will embrace this technology and reap the benefits. Blockchain integration empowers businesses to unlock endless opportunities to create a global digital footprint. It’s time that we all take active steps towards near future implementation. Also, it goes without saying that the rise of blockchain will eventually bring about a revolution and change the world as we see it now. The best is indeed yet to come.