Blockchain enabled Silal traceability agriculture and food safety platform, backed by Abu Dhabi’s ADQ has acquired a majority stake in SAFCO Group, a leading food and beverage distributor in the UAE.

Prior to this, UAE’s ADQ, Silal, announced the launch its blockchain powered platform to trace the lifecycle of food from farm to fork. As per the news using the new traceability service is as simple as scanning the QR code of a Silal Fresh product through the Silal App.

Today, the acquisition of SAFCO integrates with Silal’s strategic growth ambitions and significantly strengthens its presence in the hospitality, restaurant and catering segment, leveraging SAFCO’s 30-year track record in importing, distributing and exporting a wide array of premium food and non-food products across the UAE, Middle East and Africa. The acquisition integrates with Silal’s strategic objectives and growth ambitions.

SAFCO’s acquisition is a pivotal step in enhancing Silal’s capacity to meet the market’s demand for a wide range of high-quality products and will accelerate the company’s efforts to enhance its food distribution.