UAE Farmsent, a blockchain platform for farmers and producers where they can directly supply goods to the consumers, has merged with Bahrain Beanboat, pioneers of coffee direct-trade in MENA.

BeanBoat created Bahrain’s first coffee subscriptions service. Their offerings brought coffee shops and roasters some of the best and rarest coffee in the world owing to their extensive network of farmers in Colombia.

Beanboat has merged with Farmsent allowing them to tap on Farmsent’s extensive reach with clients in the MENA regions and network farmers in Colombia, and combining it with the power of Web3 of Farmsent’s network to push for the next generation of trade.

Yog Shrusti, CEO and Co-Founder of Farmsent stated, “Our mission at Farmsent is to connect farmers directly with people who are looking for quality, sustainable, traceable products. With Beanboat’s knowledge of the MENA region, we will continue to lead the way in bringing people across the region together around sustainable living. With this merger, and combined with Farmsent’s ongoing efforts in Indonesia, we aim to foster and leverage on the community of coffee farmers in Colombia and provide them access to more regions and more clients. More importantly, farmers of a different variety of produce will now have the opportunity to directly trade with clients in the MENA region. On the other side, distributors and wholesale buyers will have access to an extensive network of farmers in Colombia to ensure supply and QA of their product lines.”

 Saleh Sharif, CEO and Co-Founder of Beanboat added, “We are very excited to collaborate with Farmsent. As we aim to make the supply chain more transparent, I feel the scalability issues that were obvious in our coffee trading are now even more apparent. Beanboat will add more SKUs than coffee and bring transparency to our supply chain. With the advent of blockchain technology, we safely look forward to our new collaboration!”