A day after Dubai’s virtual asset regulatory authority issued a market notificiation stating that it had taken enforcement actions against BitOasis and advised investors and consumers that BitOasis’s MVP operational license is under review for not meeting mandated conditions, BitOasis replies back that this does not effect the services being offered to existing customers. 

BitOasis was supposed to satisfy certain requirements within 30-60 days of receiving their MVP operational license prior to being permitted to undertake any VARA regulated market activity. 

As such VARA is  exercising its authority to supervise and monitor compliance, assure fulfilment of prescribed conditions, impose remedial measures, and take necessary enforcement actions, including but not limited to holding BitOasis’ Licence status as non-operational.

In response to this BitOasis replied, “ BitOasis  ongoing work to fulfill select conditions associated with its Operational MVP License with respect to serving Institutional and Qualified Retail Investors. BitOasis is working closely with VARA on fulfilling the remaining conditions and is committed to providing a safe and secure service to its users.” 

BitOasis notes that the notification issued by Dubai’s VARA only covers institutional and qualified investors. BitOasis confirmed that it had not began offering thse services to these segments as they needed to fullfill all VARA mandated conditions under its Operational MVP license. 

As such according to the clarificiaiton by BitOasis, “This does not impact our ability to continue to provide broker dealer services to our existing retail users, although we undertake to not onboard any new clients until we have fully complied with VARA requirements.” 

BitOasis added that they are committed to remediate all outstanding post licensing conditions of their Operational MVP license as committed to the regulator, as well as working towards Full Market Product (FMP) licensing.  The clarification adds, “ We remain committed to securing a broker-dealer license, and operating a compliant, regulated platform in and from Dubai under VARA’s supervision. Transparency has always been a key value of our business – we will continue to update our community as we address these requirements prior to applying for an FMP license.”