Amidst what some might consider as bearish markets especially for the crypto mining industry given high energy prices and decreased value in crypto markets, UAE’s crypto mining hardware retailer, Phoenix Technology is investing $300 million in crypto mining sites across the globe.

As per recent news, Phoenix Technology is developing a large scale site in the United States which will be launched in Q2 of 2023. The site will utilize the latest mining technologies including immersive cooling.

Carl Agren, CEO of Phoenix Technology, stated, “Phoenix Technology is aiming to switch from a regional player in the mining space to a global one. In other words, developing, maintaining, and operating sites all around the world. We have been currently focusing on the North American markets, mainly the US and Canada. However, we are planning on setting foot in other regions to try to identify opportunities in untapped mining areas. We are devoting $300 million to be invested in different sites that are development opportunities, under development, or currently operational.”

The company has also signed a strategic partnership with MicroBT, blockchain and AI entity, making it the exclusive sales partner of WhatsMiner in the MENA region.

Phoenix Technology has claimed that it will develop partnerships with other companies that are also pushing the boundaries of mining, such as gas flaring, to bring more technologically advanced solutions to the local market and globally.

Recently Munaf Ali, founder and CEO of UAE-based Phoenix Group, stated that he believes MENA is fast moving toward crypto and blockchain adoption. In the interview he explains, “The Middle East is fast helping the global diversification of jurisdictions which are friendly to operate in. This goes for countries where crypto firms can set up, whether they are crypto exchanges or mining operations.”

In November 2021, Phoenix Technology announced that it signed one of the world’s largest purchases on record for crypto mining rigs, worth US $650 million. In an interview Munaf Ali stated that Phoenix was part of a project that would be developing a large scale crypto mining farm in the UAE.


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