UAE Everdome, the interplanetary metaverse project will be launching its first rocket to Mars in December 2022. Everdome espouses 500,000 community members and partners including names like OKX crypto exchange, Alfa Romeo F1 team, and Pierre Gasly as well as others.

As per the announcement the  rocket launch represents a significant milestone in the development of the metaverse, gradually taking this new digital frontier from a frequently misunderstood concept to tangible reality.

 Everdome located in the United Arab Emirates at Hatta mountains, is where their web3 pioneers will embark first to their interplanetary spaceship ‘’Everdome Cycler’’ and then onwards to a new outpost for humanity on Mars. 

The rocket launch stage will see the earliest Everdome supporters and adopters, named “Tier-1 Evernauts”, embark from the Hatta Spaceport to the Everdome Phoenix (EVR Phoenix), a spaceship design inspired by imaginable and viable technologies , created in collaboration with the project’s space scientist partners.

This Everdome Phoenix will then rendezvous and dock with the immense Everdome Cycler in Earth’s lower orbit, a 3km long interplanetary vessel which will propel the first interplanetary metaverse community to their new settlement on Mars.

Everdome’s city on Mars is placed in Jezero Crater, a location chosen by NASA for its contemporary space missions. Once arriving in Everdome city, the pioneering Evernauts will enjoy multiple storylines and experiences, encompassing adventure, entertainment, learning and trading in this virtual, hyper-realistic metaverse space.

The city includes various land plots in six distinct districts, all offering specific possibilities for related brands, businesses, personalities and individuals to engage with old and new audiences alike in immersive experiences previously impossible in the confines of web2.

Everdome will be streaming this milestone launch live via YouTube for the world to witness the true potential of the metaverse, uniting both web2 and web3 audiences in a visual demonstration of the internets’ future.


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