UAE based FD Capital, a blockchain-focused investment company that empowers investors by providing access to the rapidly evolving blockchain industry  is holding an investor day under the title “ Chains Beyond Borders” on November 1st 2023 in Dubai UAE. The event will explore blockchain technology showcasing latest updates and insights from seasoned investors and experts.

This event features a notable lineup of speakers from the blockchain industry, with keynote speakers including Robert Edward Grant, the Founder of Crown Holdings, and Evan Luthra, a Parallel Entrepreneur and Angel Investor. Other speakers include individuals like Aishwary Gupta, Matt Schmenk, Fabio Tomaschett, Kyle Rojas, Mehmet Buyukakarsu, and more, bringing diverse expertise representing different aspects and ecosystems within the blockchain landscape.  Dariia Vasylieva, the Founder and CEO of FD CAPITAL, will moderate the event.

“Our unwavering vision in the ever-changing landscape of Investments vs. Turbulence is clear: By transcending borders, we empower the community to unleash its potential and create a transformative impact in the blockchain industry and beyond, forging new investment opportunities and strategic partnerships” Dariia Vasylieva, the Founder and CEO of FD CAPITAL said.

This event is proudly supported by partners Cypher Capital, Albus Protocol, GOSH, and Aureli Ventures, as well as media partners Luna PR, IBC Group, AIBC,  Pro-blockchain Media, BeInCrypto, SalAd Lab, cryptorank, TheNewsCrypto,  VNTR,  CoinEasy, BlockDelta,  Syndika, Heir Story, MonteCrypto, Crypto Data Space, BlockBeats and more.

Taking place in the Cypher Capital Hub in Dubai, this event will also be available through a special online segment via Zoom, which ensures accessibility for a global audience. The Zoom link will be sent to approved registered guests, making it a truly exclusive experience.

FD CAPITAL’s mission is to empower investors with access to the fast-evolving blockchain industry, bridging the gap between traditional finance and Web3 to unlock the vast potential of blockchain technology.


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