UAE based Ghaf Capital Partners has joined Binance,, Polygon and Multicoin capital in investing into Alethea Ai, which utilizes both blockchain and AI to create interactive smart avatars.

Alethea AI has built which is the first external decentralized application (dApp) built on the AI Protocol that makes CharacterGPT V2 widely accessible, enabling the generation of realistic, interactive, and emotionally expressive AI Characters that are tokenizable on the blockchain.

According to Ghaf post on LinkedIn, “, built on the AI Protocol, exemplifies Alethea AI’s commitment to making this advanced technology accessible, allowing users to craft and tokenize lifelike, emotionally expressive AI characters. The launch of CharacterGPT and subsequent innovations like Revenants 2.0 and Open Fusion underscore Alethea AI’s role in pushing the boundaries of AI and blockchain integration.”

The post adds, “As part of our portfolio, Alethea AI represents Ghaf Capital Partners’ dedication to supporting cutting-edge technologies that redefine digital interaction and ownership, highlighting our commitment to fostering innovation within the blockchain ecosystem.”

The blending of AI and Blockchain is going mainstream especially with the recent announcement by Fetch AI that they were merging with two fellow titans of decentralized AI, SingularityNET and Ocean Protocol, to create the largest independent player in AI research and development called The Superintelligence Alliance. The tokens from the three respective organizations will all merge to form one universal AI token known as the Artificial Superintelligence token $ASI., alongside SingularityNET and Ocean Protocol form three of the longest-serving teams in decentralized AI, committed to building open and beneficial AI and striving to build exit ramps away from centralized monopolies. they aim to give AI researchers, companies and governments an alternative that doesn’t lock them into walled gardens, tilt to a particular bias, or worse, allow the risk of user de-platforming and the loss of their intellectual property, social graph and followers.

Ghaf Capital has made investments in a large number of blockchain startups in various sectors, and as per their website will be announcing 17 new ones.


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