UAE based blockchain validation provider Infinity Capital has acquired Andro, a security infrastructure for crypto and stablecoin management on financial institutions. As per the press release, the undisclosed seven-figure acquisition by the UAE-based firm aims to enhance its services with the blockchain product built by the Colombian startup.

The announcement adds that with this acquisition, the product’s capabilities will be improved, seeking to exceed one billion dollars in transacted volume by the end of the year.

Andro’s innovative platform empowers clients to manage their digital assets securely and efficiently. In their current version, clients can connect their personal custody wallets, such as MetaMask or Ledger, to Andro’s system.

Smart contracts diversify their holdings across various types of stablecoins to mitigate parity loss risks while continuously monitoring market prices. This system enables swift decision-making and asset exchange in the face of volatility, exemplified by incidents like the UST (Terra Luna) debacle, the FTX collapse, or the Silicon Valley Bank crisis affecting USDC’s value.

The advent of new stablecoins and traditional banks like Societé Generale and HSBC venturing into tokenized assets and deposits on the blockchain further illustrates the dynamic evolution of the financial landscape. Andro’s role in this ecosystem is crucial, offering a robust and responsive platform for navigating the complexities of digital currency investments.

Jose Pino, Andro’s founder, is a renowned figure in cybersecurity, credited with identifying vulnerabilities in the security protocols of over 30 major institutions, including Microsoft, Yahoo!, PayPal, and Harvard University. His work in developing open-source tools like Trape, aimed at combating terrorism and criminal activities, and Temcrypt, a multi-layer information encryption mechanism resistant to common brute-force attacks, has set new standards in the field of ethical hacking and cybersecurity.

The founding team consists of Jaime Varela, also founder of Zulu, an international business payments startup that successfully secured US$5 million in venture capital funding; Carlos Villarreal, the strategic mind and designer responsible for the seamless user experience; and Daniel Esposito, the leader of the development team. Their combined efforts have been pivotal to Andro’s development and triumph.

Jose Pino, Founder of Andro states, “We are confident that under Infinity Capital’s ownership, Andro will not only see enhanced capabilities but will also greatly contribute to Infinity Capital’s value. While I step into a new chapter focusing on AI-powered cybersecurity, I am excited to see Andro thrive in its next phase of growth.”