UAE base M2, a crypto exchange, custodian, and investment platform for crypto investors has officially launched its international platform, and is offering its first product M2 Earn, that provides yields of up to 10.5% on Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The M2 Earn product available at launch by M2, provides up to 10.5% yield on Bitcoin and Ethereum and investors can calculate their investment yields over a preferred timeframe by using the Earn calculator featured in the app.  M2 investment products and the app have been inspired by extensive industry benchmarking and mirror the rigorous systems of investment banking which are now being applied to the digital asset sector.

Stefan Kimmel, M2, CEO, said: “The arrival of M2 group gives institutional investors, family wealth offices and retail investors the invitation they have been looking for to confidently and securely invest in the fast-growing digital asset sector. The first decade of crypto was marked by the introduction of Bitcoin and the highs and lows of a volatile asset class with a heavy focus on speculation. M2 has been built to give experienced investors exposure to the digital asset sector by offering market leading yields that are based on real returns.”

As per the press release, M2 has to date obtained a license from The Securities Commission of Bahamas (SCB) as a Digital Assets Business and M2 Limited and M2 Custody Limited (M2 ADGM) a Financial Services Permission from the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of the ADGM as a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) and for Providing Custody.  Combined, the regulatory bodies offer the most comprehensive and progressive regulatory frameworks for digital assets in the world. Additionally, M2 has initiated licenses in several jurisdictions globally.

The M2 user experience has been designed by investors for investors and aims to eliminate the barriers slowing them down, features available on M2 at launch include:

  • Calculate the Real Yield – the M2 Earn calculator allows investors to easily evaluate what level of returns they can anticipate over 30, 60, 90 days. The Earn calculation you see is the real yield.
  • Set and Earn– The institutional grade Smart Trading features on M2 allows users to execute large buy and sell orders seamlessly, reducing transaction costs and saving users time.
  • Security beyond banking benchmarks – M2 security systems have been designed by cybersecurity experts who operate at the highest-level and all protocols are externally audited.
  • Global Community Support – The M2 support team provides coverage across multiple time zones ensuring 24-hour support for customers.

Marking the arrival of M2, the MMX token (ERC20) will be available to users and feature at the core of the M2 experience. The MMX token is designed to provide onboarded clients with specialized access to specific products and services within the M2 ecosystem that will include the ability to boost yields for M2 earn products (MMX tokens used to boost yields will be burned by M2, making it deflationary). The MMX token will also provide advanced access to new yield products and new digital asset listings. 

M2 plans to make the MMX token available on both centralized and decentralized secondary marketplaces. The token’s primary purpose is to enhance users’ experience of the M2 ecosystem and is not intended to serve as an investment vehicle or represent an ownership stake in M2. 

MMX will be freely transferable on the Ethereum blockchain. Provided users meet the M2 onboarding requirements, MMX tokens can be exchanged for other virtual assets and fiat currency, depending on the user’s needs. The M2 platform enables fast and secure trading of digital assets for fiat, fiat for digital assets, and digital assets for other digital assets, as well as offering high yield earn products. Visit