Singaporean start-up, KoinBasket, which recently received a 2 million USD pre-seed funding, is launching the UAE’s first crypto basket application. The company wants to make investing in crypto as easy as online shopping.

As per the press release, the crypto basket application will also provide the with superlative fundamental analysis from KoinBasket. The company is backed by marquee investors that include Angellist quant fund, Stonks fund, Kube VC cryptopreneurs like Polygon founder Sandeep Nailwal and Global CXOs from Ripple, Binance Citibank, Google, Accenture, Nomura, Fiserv and many more.

Elaborating on how KoinBasket’s collaboration with global crypto exchanges will transform the way the world invests in crypto assets, Co-Founder and CEO Khaleelulla Baig states, “The UAE is an emerging market for us and we are excited to launch a variety of basket options in the Emirates, which is rapidly growing to become a global crypto hub with proactive and encouraging regulations by the government under a visionary leadership. Investing in crypto assets can be both fascinating and terrifying considering the mind-blowing returns on investment and the inherent volatility displayed by most crypto assets. At KoinBasket, we believe that investing in well-researched and curated baskets can be more rewarding in the long term and offers a hassle-free option for millions of investors who are still contemplating investing in this booming asset class.”

Created with the aim of solving the challenge faced by crypto investors in studying and investing in crypto assets like crypto tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), KoinBasket is simplifying the entire process by offering thematic and sector-based crypto baskets such as its Moon basket, G.O.A.T basket, NFT & Gaming basket, Internet sensation basket and many more that are in the pipeline.

The application has 0% transaction fees and initial investments starting from as low as AED 500 AED. Users can trade in multiple crypto tokens simultaneously with KoinBasket’s basket order facility while its unique health check engine scours crypto data for both red flags and lucrative investing opportunities, to provide them with alerts to take prompt action and rebalance their portfolios accordingly.

Mr. Baig said: “KoinBasket will be catering to more than 300 million crypto users across the top crypto exchanges in the world and bowling them over with our secure, convenient and user-friendly investment interface that can help them build a diversified crypto portfolio offering a broader market exposure beyond the top cryptocurrencies. With more baskets in the offing, including those that focus on decentralized finance (DeFi), KoinBasket will soon be synonymous with mutual fund/ETF investing, but for crypto assets.”