BoCG ventures and UAE Exim Finance collaborate on a $250 million investment on transparent and sustainable seafood ecosystem blockchain enabled seafood project in Abu Dhabi UAE.

The Aquaculture project includes the development of innovative infrastructure, such as a 10,000 metric ton salmon recirculation aquaculture system (RAS) farm, and an end-to-end seafood trading platform.

The project will utilize blockchain technology to bridge the gap between seafood products with supply chain and trade financing efficiencies. This initiative tackles difficult constraints in seafood production, trading and supply chain and proposes to scale the value proposition for buyers, sellers, seafood producers and supply chain players in a win-win scenario that grows the market through transparency and competition.

BoCG Ventures, has launched its newest project: a hybrid 10,000 MT RAS Farm located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. In addition to the land-based farm, the project features a blockchain enabled trading platform designed to simplify, fasten, and de-risk global seafood transactions.

“We believe that food security is a critical element of national security, and relying on imports for 70% of the region’s food poses a substantial risk. A land-based RAS farm is an innovative solution for serving the region in a carbon-effective way because it tackles regional challenges in trading efficiency, transparency and transaction financing. This initiative aligns with our firm’s commitment to efficiently and sustainably address the region’s food needs.” – Lyon Kassab, BoCG Ventures Managing General Partner

“The partnership between EXIM Finance and BoCG Ventures is built on compatibility. BoCG Ventures relies on our track record for creative solutions and strategic export/import relationships, while we trust them to excel in project development, operations, technology adoption, and financial returns. This collaboration aims for a long-term partnership based on shared expertise, aspirations, and forward-thinking leadership, ensuring project success through our combined operational models.” – Anshul Dawani, EXIM Managing Partner

The potential harbored by the venture has captivated sustainability-focused investors, leading to a $250 Million USD investment spearheaded by EXIM Finance through a combination of debt and equity financing. This capital infusion is anticipated to accelerate the growth trajectory of the joint venture, fostering a symbiotic ecosystem that ushers buyers and sellers into a new era of seafood markets in the digital epoch.

“BoCG Ventures’ Aquaculture Project is in direct relation to our mandate as an investment firm – as it intertwines and balances environmental and social impact investing, business scalability, and sustainability. We believe that over the next decade the venture’s trading and manufacturing ecosystem will become a mainstay across the world’s most competitive seafood markets. We support the vision behind the joint venture and bring depth to our global portfolio of infrastructure-led projects that place sustainability at the heart of our ethos.” – Salah Ibrahim Al Nasser, EXIM Chairman

“With the advent of the joint venture, more markets that need access to sustainable food sources can leverage our products, technology, partnership, and model. On the demand side, we will be able to provide more access to high-quality seafood to the region and compete on more than simply price. On the supply chain side, we can bring more efficiency between markets that need it most.” – Salim Makvana, Aquaculture Farm Lead

Commenting on the joint venture and fundraise, Board Director Saeed Al Darmaki adds, “As a former ADIA lead and early adopter of blockchain, I must say that BoCG Ventures addresses a crucial gap in the region and globally. Bringing the utility of blockchain in trading and financing platforms aims to bridge traditional business and finance needs using modern techniques while aligning with the GCC’s imperative for food security and a net-zero vision.”