Wemade has signed WEMIX PLAY onboarding contracts with INFTY ART FZ-LLC and FYE Software FZ-LLC, developers based in the United Arab Emirates.

INFTY ART is set to introduce ArToys, a metaverse platform that sells character toy NFTs. At ArToys, collectible NFTs using character IPs and utility NFTs used in games will be sold. These utility NFTs will be applicable within games later on.

FYE Software is developing Strifest, an arena shooting game based on Unreal Engine 5. Players participate in combat to gain abilities and destroy the opponent’s base. They can also enjoy various content such as 4 vs. 4 team battles, guilds, and tournaments.

Wemade has established a local office in the United Arab Emirates and is expanding its blockchain business in the Middle East by consecutively signing onboarding contracts with various developers.

Wemade onboarded Whampoa Digital as an ecosystem partner for its $100 million Web3 Fund in UAE. Wemade also partnered with Whampoa Digital for its WEMIX Play center in Dubai International Financial Center Innovation Hub ( DIFC Innovation Hub).