According to a recent Bloomberg article published October 2nd 2023, Abu Dhabi UAE will witness the launch of a stablecoin. Former Softbank vice president, Akshay Naheta has launched his company called Distributed Technologies Research (DTR) in Abu Dhabi which will focus on developing several products one of which is a stablecoin.

Naheta on LinkedIn posted,” I’m happy to announce my new company Distributed Technologies Research! We’ve been operating in stealth for the past 10 months. And, I’m looking forward to sharing our product releases over the near-term.”

According to Bloomberg, The 42-year-old financier has set up DTR and will partner on the project with Hong Kong-based DRAM Trust, which has ties to several high-net-worth individuals. They’re looking to capitalize on a stablecoin market that analysts at Bernstein estimate will grow more than 20-fold to $2.8 trillion in five years.

DRAM coins will be available on decentralized exchanges including Uniswap, Sushiswap and Pancakeswap, and the team plans to work with centralized exchanges in the near future, according to Naheta.

Akshay Naheta was a former trader at Deutsche Bank. He was central to some of SoftBank’s biggest deals during his tenure. He pitched founder Masayoshi Son on the sale of chip designer Arm to semiconductor designer Nvidia Corp. He also led a $4 billion investment in Nvidia in 2017, earning $3 billion in profit.

In a press release he states, “The launch of DTR’s business in the ADGM and the licensing of its first product to the DRAM Trust is an initial step towards our wider ambitions. Our technologies provide the efficacy, usability, governance, security, transparency and stability sought by the cryptocurrency markets, while leveraging cutting edge technology protocols. The DRAM Trust brings much-needed credibility to the global stablecoin sector.” 

Global law firm Decherts LLP acted as a legal advisor to DTR and the DRAM Trust for structural and regulatory matters. 
The DRAM Smart Contract has been audited by Consensys and PeckShield, with real-time reserve audits to be published by The Network Firm through their LedgerLens product.
As part of its product expansion plans, DTR expects to launch a decentralized wallet solution in early 2024, to enable the wide accessibility and utility for digital tokens.  

According to Bloomberg Intelligence crypto market analyst Jamie Coutts, stablecoins on several Layer-1 networks transacted $6.87 trillion in 2022, surpassing the transaction volumes of Mastercard and PayPal. However, stablecoins still lagged behind the Visa network, which processed nearly double the volume at $11.6 trillion.

This announcement comes less than a week after Dubai’s virtual asset regulatory authority introduced its stablecoin regulations.

Updated 5:20 pm Dubai UAE time