Animoca Brands, early investors in The Sandbox, has invested in UAE gaming startup Farcana, to advance digital property rights for gaming and the metaverse fueling Farcana’s beta launch and development within the Bitcoin Ecosystem with Free Mint Bitcoin ordinals.

Built with Unreal Engine 5, Farcana is a team arena third person shooter that offers competitive tournaments backed by permanent Bitcoin prize pools and will be one of the first AAA Web3 games to introduce its “Free Mint” Bitcoin ordinals. The game has attracted over 40,000 users and is planning new tournaments based on initial playtests in Dubai.

The majority of the new capital will be used for the enhancement of Farcana and its integration within the Bitcoin ecosystem, as the project gears up for a token launch and full game release earlier next year.

Animoca Brands, a Hong Kong-based Web3 industry leader, has been collaborating with Farcana on tokenomics and go-to-market strategy since Q2 2023. With the investment announced today Animoca Brands maintains its strong level of activity in the MENA region, following the Web3 leader’s recently announced strategic partnership with Saudi Arabia’s NEOM.

Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, praised Farcana’s progress and commented: “We have been working with Farcana over the past year and we’ve been impressed with the development and traction it’s received so far. Our strategic investment into Farcana is part of the vision of Animoca Brands to drive Web3 development in MENA; the region is rapidly modernizing and adopting emerging technologies, and we’re excited to support partners such as Farcana as they actively lead the sector and bring exciting products to market.”

Ilman Shazhaev, founder and CEO of Farcana, shared his impressions about the strategic investment from Animoca Brands, stating: “We did amazing work with the Animoca Brands advisory team this year. With the redesign of our tokenomics, improvements within the in-game economy, documentation, and go-to-market strategy, we had tremendously productive team-to-team collaboration. Sometimes I would forget that we were working in different companies. This strategic investment from Animoca Brands is definitely a significant milestone for Farcana. During the bear market, we were fully focused on building and delivering one of the best games in web3, and we are incredibly excited to bring it to the market next year.”