MetaTrace, a GameFi venture, has secured a license from the UAE RAK DAO within the free economic zone. Embarking on its third investment round, the project aims to amass $25 million for global expansion, fortifying its market presence globally.

In May 2022 MetaTrace raised $500,000 for its NFT collection. By August 2022, a successful MVP on the geolocation platform MetaFora, powered by Polygon blockchain, was unveiled.

The second investment phase garnered $5,150,000, supported by angel investor Alexey. This marked the beginning of an extensive blockchain product ecosystem and a team of 50+ professionals. In September 2023, the MetaTrace TRC token debuted on exchanges, showcasing a 400% increase and maintaining a leading market position.

Metatrace is now launching its Series A investment round of $25 million. Mezen consulting group values MetaTrace at over $296 million, with projections soaring to $700 million within the next year. Despite the high valuation for a yet-to-be-fully-launched game, MetaTrace’s substantial user base and vibrant ecosystem provide a distinct advantage in this dynamic project.


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