Blockchain UPCX, a payment project is sponsoring Qatar’s World Swimming Championships including the 2024 Swimming World Cup.

The Doha World Swimming Championships are scheduled to take place from February 2nd to 18th, 2024 in Qatar’s capital and will bring together the world’s elite swimmers, water polo players, divers, synchronized swimmers, open water swimmers, and high divers, all vying for glory. Following this, from October to November 2024, the Swimming World Cup tour will unfold in three Asian cities—Shanghai, China; Incheon, Korea; and Singapore—with athletes from around the globe participating in this three-week-long event.

UPCX’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Mr. Yutaka Imaizumi, stated, “As sponsors, we are honored to be part of the 2024 Doha World Swimming Championships. A global strategy has always been our priority, and our blockchain services are not limited by national borders. We are committed to global development and serving a broad user base. This collaboration will help us raise awareness of UPCX and enhance global consumers’ recognition of our brand.”

Mr. Brent Nowicki, the Executive Director of the World Swimming Association, also expressed affirmation of this partnership: “We are very honored to welcome UPCX on board. The World Swimming Association and its athletes have always considered themselves innovators. We focus on adopting the most advanced technologies to enhance performance and strengthen engagement with audiences. The collaboration with UPCX perfectly aligns with our commitment to innovation.”

UPCX blockchain technology enhances the efficiency and scalability of payment and financial services, enabling decentralized payments to compete with traditional credit cards and mobile payment methods in terms of performance. With its brand and technology showcase at global sporting events, UPCX is proving its professional strength and potential for continuous growth in the global blockchain payment and fintech sectors.

In 2023 Qatar sought to build both its blockchain ecosystem and framework as well as a digital assets framework.