The Haqq Islamic Blockchain platform has entered into another partnership. This time it is with U.S. based GoMeat, a blockchain delivery application.

According to the latest data, the global blockchain-based agriculture and food supply chain industry is currently valued at around $150 million, and it’s projected to grow at a CAGR of 48.1% by 2025, reaching nearly $948 million. This partnership between GoMeat and HAQQ aims to onboard more local stores into this growing market using blockchain’ s advanced capabilities.

Although the US halal food and meat market is rapidly growing, it’s still significantly fragmented. There’s a real challenge for consumers living in non-Muslim communities to find halal food options regularly, and their options are often very limited. At the same time, local halal stores face scalability issues – they often cannot attract consumers outside their local communities. This partnership will try to solve these specific challenges and create a convenient way to access halal options. 

As a part of the collaboration, the GoMeat app will implement new features and functionalities possible thanks to the advanced solutions of the HAQQ network. The application’s UI will go through a complete overhaul, introducing more interactive, intuitive, and user-friendly elements. The ultimate goal of the revamped GoMeat app will be to streamline the entire halal purchasing process, from selecting the product to making the final payment.

The app will also integrate the HAQQ’s Web3 wallet, providing wider crypto payment options to the consumers. Previously, only GoMeat’s native token $GOMT was available for payments – now, they can use HAQQ’s native token, Islamic Coin ($ISLM), which is listed on several crypto exchanges, including KuCoin.

Through HAQQ’s blockchain framework, the GoMeat app will launch a new halal meat and food authentication system. Consumers will be able to verify and trace the halal certification process of the suppliers. This verification is critical for the Muslim community – halal authenticity is one of the core aspects of their purchase decision.

The app will also have several new AI-driven features. The HAQQ network recently integrated SingularityNET, an industry-leading decentralized AI platform. This integration sets up ethical and regulatory compliance in transactions, and these capabilities will now be extended to the GoMeat app.