Luna PR founder and CEO, Nikita Sachdev has announced that Luna PR, a PR and Marketing agency focused on blockchain and crypto has acquired the franchise for Cointelegraph MENA. As posted on her LinkedIn Feed, “We are celebrating a huge milestone! I’m proud to announce our acquisition of Cointelegraph MENA.”

She added, “The goal is mass adoption of blockchain, which will revolutionize the way every industry functions today. Building awareness of blockchain in MENA has always been of utmost importance to us. We want other web3 projects globally to know about what the Middle East has to offer. We hope to do just that.”

Nikita told LaraontheBlock, ” I did this because I realize the potential in the Middle East and I want more projects to see what this region has to offer. We will most likely officially launch by next month.”

Cointelegraph is a global Blockchain crypto emerging FinTech media platform that was launched in 2013. Its presence now in the MENA region is a testament to the growing role this region is playing when it comes to blockchain and crypto. Cointelegraph launched its franchise opportunities back in 2015 and has French, Chinese, German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Turkish, and Korean and Portuguese websites.

The new franchise owner, Luna PR, has been in the crypto space since 2017 and was founded by American entrepreneur, Nikita Sachdev. It is headquartered in Dubai, with offices in Miami and Singapore, and houses over 100 employees. The blockchain-focused agency has worked with over 600 Web3 clients, including top crypto projects, government entities, and celebrities looking to enter the blockchain space.

As per Luna PR press release, Cointelegraph MENA will be published in both English and Arabic. It will cover Blockchain crypto news from the MENA region. Notably the Arabic website was already up and running before Luna PR took over, of course with different owners.