Singaporean, Stratez Capital with offices in UAE, a boutique firm that focuses on assisting enterprises who are planning to elevate to the next phase of growth, has partnered with NewTek Holdings to develop tokenized commodity trading and real-estate projects on the Blockchain.

As per the press release, the Middle East has been identified by NewTek as a priority market, and the company is initially looking to focus on major real estate projects in Dubai.  “This is an exciting partnership, and in line with the investment and strategy objectives of the company, and we feel we can add huge value with our expertise and investments. NewTek brings real asset value and a clear vision in one of the fastest growing areas where real world assets combine with future Web3 and blockchain technology,” said Vik Pillai, Managing Partner at Singapore-based Stratez, announcing the agreement today.

Qurashi, CEO of London-based NewTek, said: “I’ve been very impressed by the depth and variety that Stratez brings to this new partnership, and am thrilled to be working with them. NewTek sets out to integrate the technology behind blockchain, NFTs and Web3 into the world of real estate and commodity trading. We have clear objectives, and I’m confident that Stratez can play a key role in turning our vision into reality.”

NewTek is a newly-formed company set up by Safi Qurashi, a serial entrepreneur and property developer. Over the last 25 years, Qurashi has founded several successful startups, including one of the first internet cafes in London in 1996 and a successful real estate company in Dubai. Other ventures included an armoured vehicle manufacturing company and a facility management firm in the UAE. Qurashi is the co-owner of Great Britain Island in Dubai’s World Islands project.

Qurashi added, “This partnership connects us with some very impressive Stratez partners, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work with world-renowned luxury brands. We’ll be announcing more details about the new venture in the coming weeks. But basically we’re working to allow the fractionalization of exclusivity within the two safest real life asset classes, real estate and commodities.”

As per his linkedIn, Newtek is working on tokenizing commodities making them accessing to all. Nire is on of the first ventures of Newtek and now live and trading.