, a global crypto exchange seems it will soon  become the second crypto exchange in Dubai UAE to receive MVP operational license after BitOasis.

VARA’s public register had listed CRO DAX Middle East better known as as having an MVP operational license authorized for specific activities and product types. As stated prior, is only authorized to serve qualified retail and institutional clients, but VARA website has since then removed it and now states it has an MVP preparatory license. 

Sources close to the matter state that this is a sign that an operational license is soon to come. This would make the first global exchange to receive an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) operational license from VARA. 

This comes after the UAE Central Bank recently announced its AML (Anti Money Laundering) and FTC for financial institutions dealing with VASPs.

Binance has also yet to receive its operational license and still holds the status of MVP preparatory license.

More and more global crypto exchanges are seeking to set up regulated licenses in UAE.