A manufacturer of Global crypto mining servers, Bitmain is holding its yearly event, the World Digital Mining Summit (WDMS) in Oman on March 29th 2024 at the W hotel. The theme of WDMS in Oman will be “Hydromining wins the desert”.

As per the press release, the conference will provide new financing opportunities and revitalize the market. Leading mining, finance, investment, custody and energy companies from around the world will participate in the event to help the digital currency and crypto ecosystem flourish. WDMS will provide an international platform to discuss financing mining, mine establishment, renewable energy, mining resources, PoW development and many other hot topics.

The summit will focus on hydro-mining, a cutting-edge technique promising to revolutionize the cryptocurrency mining industry. Hydro mining is an innovative approach to mining that utilizes water to cool mining equipment, a critical innovation in the heat-intensive climates of desert regions. As the industry grapples with environmental concerns, hydro-mining presents a sustainable and efficient solution for digital currency extraction.

Attendees can expect to delve into discussions on sustainability, efficiency, and the future of crypto mining technologies in the digital age. Bitmain’s initiative to hold the summit in Oman underscores the country’s emerging role as a hub for technological innovation in the Middle East.

Oman has been investing heavily in datacenters, and has attracted crypto mining entities such as Pheonix Technologies and Exahertz among others.


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