Oman based, cryptocurrency broker, Easy Coins announced on twitter that it had launched its trial of Tether USDT on the Tron Blockchain. Accordingly Easy Coin users in Oman can now purchase TRC20 USDT. At the end of 2021 there were 43 thousand registered crypto wallet addresses in Oman. 

LaraontheBlock spoke with Dr. Khalid M.W. Tahhan, Co-Founder, Easy Coins ME on the recent Tether trial. According to Tahhan the reason for choosing to trial tether is that it is the largest stablecoin and there is a huge demand for it in the Omani market. He adds, “Easy Coins is also in the process of launching its own Omani Riyal backed stablecoin which will be backed 1:1 with Omani Riyals, ensuring a better peg than USDT.”

While most consider the crypto market to be falling and bearish, Tahhan feels otherwise. He states, “We at Easy Coins believe that Bitcoin will remain competing as a reserve asset. We also believe a lot of the tokens produced from thin air will lose their value. Finally and most importantly, we believe these public Decentralized blockchains will be the new payment rails of the future and are developing solutions to utilize them.”

He explains that Easy Coins is the first non-custodial crypto broker in the MENA region. He states, “We always believed in self-custody and hence deployed a compliance focused self-custody solution from the start to ensure nothing like FTX can happen to our customers.”

In terms of crypto regulations in Oman, while still not regulated, Easy Coins is a formally registered startup at the Oman Ministry of Commerce and Industry as well as part of Jadara Program of the Oman Ministry of Transport, communication and Information Technology.

In short he states, “We are self-regulated and follow compliance methodologies from Europe in the interim. We will become a licensed entity once the regulators in Oman are ready to license such activities.”

Easy Coins is the only cryptocurrency broker in the region that accepts all Omani Debit and Credit Cards and offers lower payment processor fees when using our service with Omani Debit Card.

Prior to this announcement Easy Coins was trialing a stablecoin backed by the Oman Riyal with the Oman Water and Waste Water Services Company ( OWWSC), member of Nama Group. Oman Water signed an MOU with Oman based Digital Digits, the creators of Easy coins and Connected Chains to trial “ Hasalah” a stablecoin Wallet.

The companies would trial a cryptographic stablecoin pegged to the Omani Riyal to be utilized as payment from subscribers in select OWWSC customer halls as well as on Easy Coin. Payments will be made using Hasalah Digital Wallet.

In June 2022, The Executive President of the Central Bank of Oman, Mr. Tahir Salim Al Amri, commented during the 7t Edition of the new Age Banking Summit on the topic of CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies)  that the Central Bank of Oman is working to issue its own CBDC. 

In Parallel, the Oman Capital Market Authority issued its new Securities Law (46/2022) which stipulates that the authority can “Agree to application of technologies, virtual digital investments or any products or services in the areas related to the provisions of this law, as set out in the Regulation.”

Additionally Oman is working towards tokenization of real-estate. The Oman Capital Market Authority (OCMA) is set to include real estate tokenization in its virtual asset regulatory framework, a report quoting an advisor of the authority has said. According to the report, Oman expects to complete drafting the virtual assets regulatory framework by Q3 of 2022.