Thailand based, Nakamoto Games is entering the Saudi Arabian market through four key partnerships that will include the launching of tournaments, hackathons, educational content in a drive to increase adoption o Web3 Blockchain gaming. Nakamoto will be collaborating with Arabian Gaming Guild.

According to the press release, this initiative marks an important step for the play-to-earn arcade gaming platform as it enters the Middle East’s largest market.

Nakamoto and Arabian Gaming Guild will bring a series of GameFi tournaments to Saudi Arabia, anticipated to be some of the most substantial play-to-earn events in the region. This effort is expected to drive further adoption of Web3 gaming among local players.

Education plays a critical role in Nakamoto Games’ strategy, with a partnership with Yalgamers designed to inform the local population about blockchain gaming benefits. This includes campaigns on crypto, GameFi, and play-to-earn mechanisms, with support from the Arabian Gaming Guild for streaming and onboarding.

Local offline gaming events are also on the agenda, facilitated by Nakamoto Games’ partnership with GamifierSA. These tournaments, hosted in top gaming stadiums across the region, aim to draw large audiences and feature well-known Saudi players on the blockchain gaming platform.

In addition, there are plans for a series of hackathons focused on blockchain game development is planned in collaboration with HackathonX. These events, expected to be the largest in the region, will be supported by notable Saudi media and the government, with the goal of introducing new games to the Nakamoto Games platform through these Web3-centric hackathons.