Conflux Blockchain, a Layer 1 Blockchain, enters the UAE and partners with UAE’s RAK Digital Assets Oasis (RAKDAO) to develop the Blockchain and digital asset sector.

Conflux’s collaboration with RAK DAO represents a mutual commitment to leverage the strengths and expertise of both partners. This partnership is founded on shared goals and visions, including advocating for blockchain-friendly regulations to foster an environment instrumental to blockchain and digital asset development in the region.

Additionally, the collaboration will cultivate talent and provide valuable educational resources, nurturing a skilled workforce in the blockchain sector. Furthermore, we will facilitate opportunities for businesses and startups in the region to explore and integrate blockchain technologies, thereby amplifying prospects in the digital economy.

Both Conflux and RAK DAO will explore avenues of cooperation in sharing expertise and knowledge to achieve mutual benefits and foster collaboration  as well as incubation and acceleration programs, educational initiatives, and community-building events and workshops in blockchain technologies/

RAK DAO will help Conflux establish a presence in the UAE and the broader Middle East region, while Conflux will develop custom blockchain solutions for digital and virtual asset companies within RAK DAO.

RAK DAO, a strategic initiative by the Government of Ras Al Khaimah, is dedicated to fostering the growth of digital assets and blockchain technology within the region. With its progressive policies and supportive ecosystem, RAK DAO is rapidly becoming a hub for digital innovation and entrepreneurship.

This announcement comes shortly after the visit of Vitalik Buterin to RAK DAO Oasis.