AlephZero, a layer 1 blockchain that allows the deployment of Web3 applications quickly, securely and at low cost has collaborated with Saudi Telecom Company, STC global Venture capitalist as well as T-Mobile, for its upcoming Hackathon called CTRL+Hack+ZK. The Hackathon will start on January 10th 2024 until January 31st 2024.

The winners of the Hackathon will receive up to $75k bounties and up to $500k EFP funding.

CTRL + HACK + ZK is the premier hacking event for Aleph Zero, the highly scalable blockchain platform with blazing speed and state-of-the-art privacy engine. The Hackathon will include 3-week journey of workshops, educational programming, and hands-on mentorship with the core dev team and ecosystem partners.

There are various tracks one of them is the Telco track which will challenge participants to redefine the future of telecommunications using Aleph Zero’s cutting-edge features by optimizing infrastructure or even creating new services.

Another track is the DiD track which explores identity-related solutions such as AZERO.ID, leveraging Aleph Zero’s native privacy stack to enable secure and decentralized identity management. Also included in the Hackathon is the  Tooling track which focuses on developing applications, node providers, libraries, and tools that enhance the developer experience and ecosystem around Aleph Zero, and finally the gaming track for building gaming solutions such as in-game items as NFTs smart contract templates for payouts and collectibles, or indexers for gaming data, the possibilities are endless. 

The Final track is DeFi where developers are encouraged to leverage its robust infrastructure and create unique financial solutions that help expand the ecosystem’s functionality.

Saudi Arabia has shown interest in developing CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies) as well as utilization of blockchain for tokenization projects. The collaboration of Saudi’s telecom conglomerate STC is another reflection of the Kingdom’s interest in Blockchain and its solutions.

The Saudi Islamic Development Bank Institute (IsDBI) is working to patent a Blockchain system for smart stabilization for CBDCs and digital assets after receiving a positive evaluation for its Blockchain smart stabilization system patent