UAE metaverse project Eikonikos is launching an NFT collection with Lebanese fashion designer Aiisha Ramadan. Aiisha Ramadan started her couture clothing line from the UAE in 2007, her base for more than 30 years.

The new collaboration will set a milestone in the evolution of the digital fashion industry.

Eikonikos built on the Cardano blockchain platform seeks to transform the landscape of ecommerce, dating, gaming and learning.  The company raised $2 million USD in March 2022.

At that time Mohamed Vasif, founder and CEO of Eikonikos stated, “We are very determined to create a platform that directly competes and rivals metaverse giants like Decentraland and Sandbox.” 

 Vineeth, CMO and co-founder of Eikonikos added, “We will be able to interact with other Metaverse economies in the future. Building a dedicated and crypto-native audience that likes our dope Non-Fungible Token (NFT) designs, intense gameplay.”

On August 5, 2022, Eikonikos launched a premium genesis NFT passport for the global Web 3 community. Today Eikonikos is entering the digital fashion industry.

Mohamed Vasif states, “What is not possible in the physical realm is possible in the metaverse. Our digital fashion transcends physical reality. Eikonikos Digital fashion NFTs is not limited to clothing for avatars. These NFTs clothing will have special powers in the gaming world. We give 100% ownership to NFT holders and the possibility of commercializing them. For instance an aspiring designer can buy, own and even create physical products of these NFT designs. We are at the biggest evolution of the fashion industry. We are here making it.”

According to figures from investment bank Morgan Stanley, the digital fashion industry could be worth $50 billion by 2030.

The newly-announced partnership with Aiisha Ramadan to launch fashion NFTs is to leverage this emerging market. 

Chady Jriege, Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer of Eikonikos, says, “The collaboration between Eikonikos and Aiisha Ramadan is one of the long lists of brand collaboration that we are working to establish. Aiisha is a celebrated designer and owner of the famous Lebanese brand AIISHA. She fashioned beautiful women like Charlies Theron, Paris Hilton, Ariana Grande, Bollywood celebrities like Aishwarya Rai, and a list of others. The collaboration between Eikonikos and Aiisha Ramadan will bring a unique set of NFT collections. The project combines fashion, art, blockchain technology, spirituality and healing to bring an astonishing collection of digital fashion NFTs.”

Aiisha Ramadan stated, “The role of the metaverse in health and wellness will expand our ability to go to places in our minds we never thought we could reach.  A lot of people have trouble imagining what their aura is like, what their chakras are like, so the metaverse is going to help us to manifest those long-spoken ideas and healing methods into something more tangible for people to feel and see more; it takes us to different dimensions of healing.”

The NFT collection will be launched during the last week of November 2022.

Headquartered in Egypt with a presence in the UAE, Pravica, the everyone-to-everyone communication platform, offering a native Web 3.0 Blockchain-enabled unified, secure and privacy-compliant messaging platform, has launched the first DcFi (Decentralized Communications and Finance) platform under the name Pravica Club.

The platform is an extension of what Pravica has already been working on for the past three years. Pravica applications, built on Stacks Blockchain and secured by Bitcoin, has developed and launched a completely decentralized Web 3.0 communications platform that can be utilized by both enterprise and individuals securely and easily. Pravica is one of the very few in this sector that offers live products, the Pravica Messenger for mobile devices and now Pravica club.

Mohamed Abdou, Founder and CEO of Pravica explains, “Today there is a high demand for decentralized secure and private communications applications. Projects of this kind have already raised millions of dollars, even though they have yet to build something. At Pravica we are aware that building in Web3 is not easy, especially when it comes to communications apps because of the large amount of data coming in and out, that is why we started early on solving all the problems using a different stack of tools to ensure we have a highly scalable and easy to use the product. We have a great advantage and are offering tangible products.”

The Pravica Club is the first DcFi platform offering several interesting features. It is a DcFi platform because other than allowing for Web3 and native crypto conversations it also offers seamless in-chat payments and stacking pools similar to most DeFi applications out there.

The crypto-native decentralized messaging features include:

Users of Pravica Club are on-boarded with their decentralized identity from BTC domains which are registered through a smart contract on Stacks Blockchain, secured by Bitcoin. No email, phone number or any personal information is required.

All messages are encrypted. Messages can be cryptographically linked back to the crypto wallet by signing special messages with currently the Hiro wallet. In the future, Pravica is working to enable full functionalities of wallet-to-wallet conversations, as well as enabling users to invite others using wallet addresses for full interoperability.

Gideon Greaves, Managing Director CV VC Africa, says, “Pravica club is truly disrupting the way we communicate online. It’s only a matter of time before the web3 community moves away from centralised communication platforms. I believe Pravica club is where they will go. The features, secure platform and team within Pravica are world-class.”

Users don’t need to copy and paste NFTs to be used as profile pictures, but instead, extract the NFT from their wallet and showcase it as a verified avatar. The NFT is authenticated by each user’s wallet. In the future, these NFT avatars will be utilized to unlock other offerings in Pravica Club.

Users can send cryptocurrency payments, as likes, and enter stacking pools. Content creators can thus monetize their content through “Write to Earn” or “Create to Earn”, just like predecessors “Play to Earn”.

One of the biggest and unique features of the Pravica Club is the “eternal message”. Users in Pravica Clubs or in Pravica messenger will be able to extract a text of 1024 characters and mint it as an eternal message. The eternal message takes the form of an NFT. The ramifications are huge, Eternal messages can be used to save and engrave personal moments, like the first time someone said “I love you” or even business agreements or historical statements.

Mohamed Abdou, Founder and CEO of Pravica, explains, “We are empowering the Web 3 creator economy. This is especially relevant in the era of the Metaverse where individuals will need decentralized identities, secure communications and P2P financial transactions. DcFi, presented as Pravica Club, is the gateway towards a truly Web 3.0 creators economy.”

DIFX, a cross asset crypto exchange which recently witnessed a 20 percent increase in its number of users, has launched new features amid the bear market, most notably is the introduction of Avatars and personalized profiles, giving the exchange a more gamified look and feel. 

DIFX announced the launch of its future trading, allowing users to maximize profits by utilizing both traditional and digital markets, including stocks, indices, metals, commodities and of course cryptocurrencies. While users can now create accounts through emails and phone numbers, they can also create their own avatar giving the crypto exchange a more gamified feel to it.

New crypto-enthusiasts will also benefit from features such as viewing their digital assets in their preferred currencies, creating trading views with only their favorite assets and custom alerts to keep track of their investments. Other advanced features include the addition of crypto pricing and algorithmic trading, market pairs (Spot & Futures) organized by categories (USDT, NFT, DEFI, etc.), and an order book for filtering & decimal selection.

DIFX cross asset crypto exchange is most popular in Brazil, Spain, France, Lithuania, Vietnam, Ghana and Nigeria. Most of these countries have a high percentage of youth, which are interested in both crypto and egaming.