DIFX, a cross asset crypto exchange which recently witnessed a 20 percent increase in its number of users, has launched new features amid the bear market, most notably is the introduction of Avatars and personalized profiles, giving the exchange a more gamified look and feel. 

DIFX announced the launch of its future trading, allowing users to maximize profits by utilizing both traditional and digital markets, including stocks, indices, metals, commodities and of course cryptocurrencies. While users can now create accounts through emails and phone numbers, they can also create their own avatar giving the crypto exchange a more gamified feel to it.

New crypto-enthusiasts will also benefit from features such as viewing their digital assets in their preferred currencies, creating trading views with only their favorite assets and custom alerts to keep track of their investments. Other advanced features include the addition of crypto pricing and algorithmic trading, market pairs (Spot & Futures) organized by categories (USDT, NFT, DEFI, etc.), and an order book for filtering & decimal selection.

DIFX cross asset crypto exchange is most popular in Brazil, Spain, France, Lithuania, Vietnam, Ghana and Nigeria. Most of these countries have a high percentage of youth, which are interested in both crypto and egaming. 


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