UAE Alawad Fund announced the launch of their 300 million USD Blockchain crypto investment fund which consists of two main sub funds. The first Fund is focused on cryptocurrency mining while the second is on crypto and Blockchain. The chairman of the fund is His Excellency Sheikh Alawad. As per the website the fund has gained regulatory approval out of DAFZA (Dubai Airport Free Zone). The CEO of the Fund is Jojo Jiang.

The fund is said to invest in virtual assets, blockchain startups, crypto exchanges, with a focus on Bitcoin mining. The Cryptocurrency Mining Sub-fund focuses on cryptocurrency miner supply chain finance and cryptocurrency mining farm constructions. As per an article on Bitcoinist, ” The first Fund is a total of 300 million USD.”

The second sub fund is the investment fund, which will invest in project with sufficient industry experience. The main investment areas are Web 3.0, Metaverse, GameFi & DAO. 10 percent of fund will be allocated to the above and 90 percent will be quantitative investment using statistical algorithms and machine learning.

Currently AlAwad Fund has made investments in two entities, MBTC Mining and Ankots. MBTC mining is a next Generation Crypto providing a Cross-chain Trust Standard in the Metaverse. MBTC mining requires hash power from NFT miners using next-gen proof-of-NFT validation with zero energy consumption. The maximum supply of MBTC is 21,000,000. Mining rewards are 50MBTC per 10mins initially and will be halved every four years.

Ankots is a gameFi play to Earn platform that utilizes NFTs.