Shiran Ben Abderrazak, Co-founder and of Bift crypto entity has launched MONO the first NFT micro gallery in Tunisia. The first artist to showcase her art is Lebanese- Senegalese Linda Dounia Rebeiz,

MONO is located in the heart of Tunis, Tunisia. Open to all, it stands as a mysterious portal on a very busy, old and narrow street. Inspired by a science-fiction aesthetic from the 70s, its style makes any passer-by question its utility, as its functionality is rather clashing with the hustle and bustle of its area.

MONO is a window to the eccentric world of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens). MONO invites artists from multiple mediums to exhibit their works on the screen, thereby allowing viewers to explore their artistic universe through the small portal. Through a disruptive cu-ration, the micro-gallery will be using the advantage of its location to provide to a large audience access to digital art, make it curious and trigger conversations and debates around the evolution of digital art and its accessibility.

For Mono’s opening, Senegalese-Lebanese artist, Linda Dounia Rebeiz, is exhibiting a generative piece called Bauhaus’ Puzzle. She layers AI-generated acrylic paint footage with vector-designed Bauhaus-inspired grids, as an attempt to question the grid system as a foundational image-making instrument.

Linda Dounia Rebeiz is a multidisciplinary artist, writer and curator, based in Dakar. Her work focuses on the social construction of power and the cultural implications of how it is distributed. She has exhibited work at the Tezos show at Art Basel Miami, Art X Lagos, Fort NFT Gallery, and The Museum of Newfangled Art. Her work has appeared in Vogue Singapore, Nataal, and The Art Newspaper.